To our valued customers:

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Light Guide Optics International company is a world leader in manufacturing optical fiber and optical fiber products. Light Guide Optics International takes pride in delivering’ a high quality product that meets our customers’ requirements. In the event that a product of Light Guide Optics International optical fiber does not appear to meet agreed upon specifications, it may be returned to Light Guide Optics International for analysis and/or credit/replacement.

General Warranty Information

Light Guide Optics International warrants to the direct customer that it’s purchased product will be free from defects and comply with the mutually agreed written applicable specifications by customer.

Light Guide Optics International will, at its option, repair or replace the defective Product, or reimburse Customer for the purchase price if no suitable repair or replacement is available.

Customer shall perform incoming inspection of products within ninety (90) days from the delivery date.

After this incoming inspection the product is accepted by the customer and further warranty is not applicable to visual defects and mechanical damages.

All products have five (5) years warranty on condition that the attached “Optical fiber product use restrictions and care” terms have been complied with; any defective product return must be requested within five (5) years from the delivery date.

Opening the product non-compliance, the defective product is delivered to Light Guide Optics International with the original identification (Lot and / or SN) and RMA number.

The product returned as defective will be tested. Light Guide Optics International technician will determine the nature of failure. Products returned as defective but found to have no defect (NPF), they conform to customer’s specifications or they are improperly used, handled (see “Optical fiber product use restrictions and care” terms), will be returned to the customer at his own expense, including inspection, labour and shipping costs.

Light Guide Optics International will assist any customer with the repair of product that is out of warranty conditions; however, the incurred costs will be charged to the customer.

Important conditions

Light Guide Optics International reserves the right to refuse any refund or replacement if the goods returned do not meet these conditions.

Non-Warranty Light Guide Optics International shall not have responsibility for damages caused by ordinary wear and tear, unintended use, misuse abuse or improper handling, operation, or storage of any product by Customer or any third party.

All warranties will be void if inspection in Light Guide Optics International finds that products have been:

  • mechanically damaged, abused, neglected, used inaccurate ( not met attached to products
  • “Optical fiber product use restrictions and care” terms);
  • subject to unexpected adverse effects of external factors (such as those not provided in the
  • specifications and made known manufacturer);
  • modified after receival;
  • by closed warranty period;
  • without identification (serial/ LOT) number.

Please, help us to process your replacements/claims as quickly as possible by following the above terms.

Thank You!