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The secret of our success is years of experience and a strong desire to innovate.


Who are we?

Lightguide International is a dynamic and competitive European company that develops, manufactures and supplies optical fibers, fiber bundles, cables and laser delivery systems for cutting-edge, highly sophisticated scientific, industrial and medical applications worldwide.


What we believe in?

Aim for Perfection

99.99% is not good enough. We will always challenge ourselves to do better

Continuous Development

If there is not a machine that can produce it, we will invent one

Passionate People

Our team is our biggest asset. Everything that is built, we made together

Our background

Glass and fibers

An optical fiber manufacturing unit is established under the auspices of the former Livani glass factory, the oldest industrial site in the town.


On the brink of extinction

When the USSR collapsed, so did the market for optical fibers. During the first years of Latvia’s independence, the glass factory was forced to abandon its optical fiber unit.

The facility was saved by a group of dedicated employees who decided to set their sights on innovation. They were confident this was the right choice. In the early 90s, the company was called “Anda” and was owned by the state. In 1996, the company was privatized and renamed “Anda Optec Ltd.”.


A new beginning

“Z-Light Ltd.” is officially founded, marking the origin of the company in roughly the same form it exists in today. Z-Light started its manufacturing operations in the premises of the former Livani biochemical factory.

The company started production based on previously developed technologies, such as tapered fibers and fused bundle technology.


International growth

A new branch is established in Germany.


Awarded high-level certification

The company acquires its CE and ISO 13485 certificates.


New offerings

The company launches the production of high precision metal parts.


American expansion

A new branch is established in San Jose, California, USA.


Laser focused

Laser technologies are introduced in production.


Tubing technologies

Capillary and tubing technologies are introduced in production.


LGO is born

Z-Light becomes LightGuideOptics International (LGO).

A new branch is established in Belarus.

Improved precision is achieved within the fiber drawing process (reaching a fiber tolerance 0.2 microns).


New technology

Research and development results in the creation of rectangle fused bundle technology without a quartz tube.


New markets

A new branch is established in China.


Continuous innovation

To mark the company’s ongoing growth, LGO is renamed “Lightguide”.

A new optical fiber drawing and bundle department is established for medical applications.

Lightguide introduces CO2 fiber technologies.

Increased investment in brand perception and the export strategy helps the company achieve bold new growth.


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