To our valued customers:

Please read carefully

Light Guide Optics International Ltd. (further referred to as ‘LIGHTGUIDE’) is a world leader in manufacturing of optical fibers and optical fiber products and components (further referred to as ‘Product’). LIGHTGUIDE takes pride in delivering a high-quality Product that meets Customer’s requirements. In the event that the Product appears to not meet agreed upon specification, it may be returned to LIGHTGUIDE for investigation and, where applicable, reimbursement or free of charge replacement/ repair.

1. Disclaimer

1.1. LIGHTGUIDE disclaims and excludes any implied warranty, including, without limitation, warranties
of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall LIGHTGUIDE be liable for
loss of use, loss of profits, punitive damages, attorney’s fees, and expenses, consequential,
incidental, or special damages, or any other direct or indirect damages whatsoever.
1.2. LIGHTGUIDE shall not have responsibility for damages caused by ordinary wear and tear, unintended
use, misuse abuse or improper handling, operation, or storage of any product by Customer or any
third party.

2. General Warranty Information

2.1. LIGHTGUIDE warrants to the Customer that purchased Product will be free from defects and comply
with the mutually agreed upon specification.
2.2. Unless in-written specified otherwise, risk of loss shall pass to the Customer, and delivery shall be
deemed completed “Ex Works”. All delivery dates are approximate. LIGHTGUIDE will deliver in one
shipment, when possible, but reserves the right to make a partial delivery if mutually agreed upon
with the Customer.

2.3. The following warranty shall continue for set periods:

∙ five (5) years for sterile products,

∙ one (1) year for non-sterile products.

3. Inspections and return authorization

3.1. Partial shipment by LIGHTGUIDE is not a basis for a non-conformity claim.
3.2. Within ninety (90) days of receipt of the Product, Customer shall inspect the Product, read the
accompanying documentation, and give written notice of any error or claim that the Product does not
conform to the mutually agreed upon specification. If after inspection the Product is accepted by the
Customer, further warranty is not applicable to visual defects.
3.3. Should the Product fail to meet the mutually agreed upon specification, product must be returned to
LIGHTGUIDE, unless otherwise negotiated in writing.
3.4. Potentially nonconforming Product may not be returned without LIGHTGUIDE’s prior written consent.
3.5. A Return Material Authorization Number (further referred to as ‘RMA’) will be issued by LIGHTGUIDE
within five (5) business days following the receipt of the request, assuming all information requested
in p. 5.2. has been provided. The RMA will be sent by e-mail to the point of contact requesting it.
3.6. Unless the RMA is not issued within five (5) business days after all information requested in p. 5.2.
has been provided to LIGHTGUIDE, no act by LIGHTGUIDE (including receipt of returned Product)
shall constitute LIGHTGUIDE’s acceptance of the returned Product unless LIGHTGUIDE previously
provided an RMA.
3.7. Unless agreed otherwise in written RMA validity period is ninety (90) days. If the Product is not
returned to LIGHTGUIDE within ninety (90) days, the complaint will be closed as unjustified. Products
received after expiry of RMA will be returned to the Customer at their expense.

4. Warranty void

4.1. Warranty will be void if the Product:

has been misused, abused, or improperly handled, operated, or stored,

has been a subject to adverse effects of external factors not made known to LIGHTGUIDE in the mutually agreed upon specification,

has been modified after receipt by the Customer,

has expired warranty period,

is not traceable to the original identification issued by LIGHTGUIDE: LOT and, where applicable, Serial Number.

4.2. If necessary, LIGHTGUIDE can assist the Customer with the repair of the Product with void warranty;
however, the incurred costs will be charged to the customer.

5. Return procedure, investigation, and further activities

The purpose of this procedure is to enable the prompt identification of the cause of non-conformity by
LIGHTGUIDE and, where applicable eliminate and prevent it from recurring. Directions for the return of the
potentially defective Product for investigation and where applicable, reimbursement/ replacement/ repair:
5.1. Use your regular point of contact with LIGHTGUIDE or contact to request
an RMA.
5.2. Together with the request please submit the ‘Complaint submission form’ (further referred to as ‘F33’)
or provide following information in your chosen form:

the LOT and, where applicable, Serial Number of the nonconforming product issued by LIGHTGUIDE,

quantity of nonconforming Product(s),

description of the conditions during the discovery of the nonconformity (e.g., incoming inspection, during use etc.),

description of the nonconformity (please include pictures, test results etc. if available),

invoice number and/ or delivery note number associated with the Product, if available.

5.3. In the event that F33 has not been made available to the Customer it can be downloaded from or requested via e-mail
5.4. The returned Product will be investigated only for the nonconformities indicated in the RMA request
and F33.
5.5. LIGHTGUIDE shall be notified about any changes in item quantity and/ or nonconformity within the
RMA request. RMA reference number must only be used if such changes have been in-written
authorized by LIGHTGUIDE, otherwise a separate RMA must be requested.
5.6. The RMA should be clearly indicated in the shipping documents for tracking purposes.
5.7. Returned Product must be traceable to the LIGHTGUIDE LOT or/ and Serial Number, if possible, the
product should be returned with the original packaging.
5.8. During the investigation the Customer may be contacted by LIGHTGUIDE representative for resolving
additional questions by phone or e-mail.
5.9. The investigation will be performed by LIGHTGUIDE within ten (10) business days following the
receipt of the nonconforming product and/ or all relevant information. Different due date can be
mutually agreed upon in written depending on the complexity of the complaint.
5.10. If the investigation shows that the Product is compliant with the specification and/ or that the Warranty
is void per requirements set in p. 4. the Product will not be eligible for reimbursement or free of charge
replacement/ repair and will be returned to the Customer at their own expense, including inspection,
labour, and shipping costs.
5.11. The Customer will be informed about the results of the investigation and any further actions will be
mutually agreed upon in writing.

6. Special requirements for medical devices

6.1. In the event the sterile barrier packaging of the medical device has been opened during or in
preparation for the medical procedure and, therefore, there is a risk of the Product being
contaminated, the form ‘Return of potentially contaminated products’ (further referred to as ‘F60’)
must be filled and provided to LIGHTGUIDE prior to the return of such Product.
6.2. In the event that F60 has not been made available to the Customer it can be downloaded from or requested via e-mail: