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The field of optical fibers can be tricky. Luckily, we have a variety of experts who can solve all your problems.


We already have in-depth industry know-how, so you won’t have to wait long for an answer.


Only the best solutions make it through our rigorous evaluation and critique.


Your information and our advice stay strictly confidential.

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& Design

Our team will help you figure out what’s needed, and we can help you put together an unparalleled design


We will come up with a way to produce whatever you need, no matter how exceptional your requirements


Our technology allows us to produce a range of fibers in-house, so we can ensure they are top-quality

parts production

Any additional parts needed for your project will be produced in line with our uncompromising standards


We carry out the testing and assembly of the necessary components to be sure everything works exactly as you need it


Your products will be carefully packed at the highest standards, ensuring safe delivery and a long shelf-life

& Customer

We will send the product to your specified address and help you with anything you need to make it work after you have received it

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Get in touch with one of our representatives and let us know about your issue. Our team of experts will get to solving your problem straight away.

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Mick Speciale

Medical and industrial applications

P: +1 (408) 823 2506

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Branden Engel

Industrial applications and special optical fibers

P: +1 (408) 244 0686

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