Lightguide offers a large range of synthetic fused silica capillary tubing.



Quartz caps


  • UV to IR application range
  • Fiber assemblies
  • High-temperature applications
  • For use in hazardous environments
  • Gas and liquid chromatography
  • Diagnostic devices
  • Flow control systems
  • And many more

Technical details

  • Inner diameter: 50-3000 mkm
  • Wall thickness: 50-1000 mkm
  • Tolerance: as agreed with the client
  • Stress proof: 100 kpsi
  • End finish: Cleaved or polished
  • Jacket options: Polyimide (-190°C to +390°C), Acrylate (-40°C to +85°C), Tefzel (-40°C to +150°C), Nylon (-40°C to +100°C), None

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