Fiber assemblies for solar applications

Solar power is a mighty source of energy, and the significance of this green resource is increasing alongside the development of technologies. There are vast possibilities this development provides to humankind. The number of ways that solar energy can be used directly and indirectly is growing rapidly—from daylight delivery systems inside buildings to oxygen harvesting from moon regolith.

Nevertheless, there are natural processes that cannot be fully and successfully substituted with alternative methods. For example, some algaes and plankton used in pharma and medicine require sunlight, which cannot be substituted with light from alternative light sources.

Lightguide’s know-how is one of the factors that helps the company to develop new applications based on solar energy, whereby fiber assemblies are a critical component and can ensure the delivery of sunlight up to hundred or more meters away.

There are plenty of buildings with inner rooms with no windows, or rooms that are poorly illuminated with natural daylight through windows because of the direction they face. Nowadays, architects and designers recognize this as a problem and utilize solutions to ensure daylight is delivered from the roof of building to designated places through optical fibers.

If you are considering a fiber-optic based solution for your solar energy application, or you would like to see how we might be able to create a possible solution for your application, contact the Lightguide team.

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