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CO2 laser fiber

Lightguide CO2 laser fibers

Lightguide CO2 laser fibers are a great tool for transmitting CO2 laser power to places that are hardly to accessible within the human body.

CO2 laser fibers are a very versatile instrument for delivering CO2 laser power from the source to the treatment site on the patient and overcome the limitations of articulated arms and mirrors. CO2 laser fibers can be an alternative to the rigid systems in almost all medical applications. The use of CO2 laser fibers allows to reach hardly accessible targets in the human body more conveniently in practically all medical disciplines.

Lightguide’s CO2 Laser Fibers are available as bulk fiber material or customer special assembly, with or without connector and optional sterilization and labeling. All patient-contacting materials are certified biocompatible.

Technical specification

  • Connector with SMA 905 standard or independent ferrule
  • Customized connector, printable logo
  • Fiber jacket: Transparent ETFE 
  • Optimized transmission at 10600 nm
  • Double-packed in sterile pouches
  • 5-year sterile shelf life

CO2.300 Technical details

  • Inner diameter:300μm
  • ETFE jacket diameter:500μm
  • Straight loss:<2.0 dB / m

CO2.500 Technical details

  • Inner diameter:500μm
  • ETFE jacket diameter:1040μm
  • Straight loss:<0.8 dB / m

CO2.750 Technical details

  • Inner diameter:750μm
  • ETFE jacket diameter:1300μm
  • Straight loss:<0.5 dB / m

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