Infinity Hemorrhoid Probe

Minimal invasive laser therapy for 3rd or 4th degree hemorrhoids.

Definitive treatment of 3rd and 4th degree hemorrhoids by gentle and well controlled laser energy emission at low peak temperature in the tissue. This achieves a shrinking and fibrotization with limiting complications and preserving anoderm and the mucous membrane which results in restoring the natural anatomical structure.

The specially designed pointed tip and structure of the Infinity Hemorrhoid Probe can be inserted into the hemorrhoidal package without incision avoiding open wounds and excisions. 

Technical Features

  • Fiber core diameter: 600 µm
  • Connector with SMA 905 standard or freestanding ferrule
  • Customized connector with logo printing possible
  • Optical fiber jacket: white ETFE
  • High-transmission efficiency for all common medical wavelengths: 980 nm to 1940 nm
  • Double-packed in sterile pouches
  • 5-year sterile shelf life

Technical details

  • Outer diameter (tip): 1.8 mm
  • Core diameter: 600 μm typically
  • Standard length: 2.5 m
  • Wavelength e.g: 980 nm to 1940 nm
  • Typical transmission: 98%
  • Emission: cylindrical and conical
  • Numerical aperture: 0.22 up to 0.37
  • Custom designs available according to customer specifications
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