Fiber Cables

A fiber cable is a single fiber assembly terminated with standard connectors or custom-made ferrules and an application-suitable protection tube.

Lightguide supplies custom-made standard fiber cables and high-power cables that are designed and assembled to ensure the best performance for the desired application.

The silica/silica step-index multi-mode fibers we produce and utilize in our fiber assembly manufacturing processes can be used for:

Our team will help you select the best fiber for the wavelengths you need, allowing you to specify the fiber structure and used materials, the thickness of the F-doped reflecting cladding, and the numerical aperture (NA) of the fiber, all in line with the special conditions and requirements of your application.

Advantages of cable assemblies:

  • High Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) values
  • Broad temperature, vacuum, and chemical resistance thresholds
  • Can be used from deep UV to NIR
  • Non-conductive cables
  • Solarization (photodarkening) resistant cables
  • Feed-through cables
  • Endcap and tapered fiber cables
  • Lengths ranging from a few cm to hundreds of meters
  • Anti-Reflective coating (ARC) available

Standard materials:

  • Any fiber from our portfolio can be used
  • Standard terminations like SMA905, SMA905 freestanding, FC, D80, ST and others are available
  • Custom-made terminations are produced in-house
  • Protecting tubing materials like PVC, Kevlar-reinforced PVC, PVC-covered monocoil or squarelock, various metallic tubes, etc. are available


  • Light and laser delivery
  • Analytical equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing, process diagnostic and wafer inspection equipment
  • Curing
  • Ignition and combustion monitoring
  • And many more

Lightguide is a vertically integrated company, which gives you the freedom to create assembly that is designed together with you and that will be a perfect fit for your spectrometer. Lightguide handles everything from design to production, allowing us to produce and deliver in a short period of time. We carry out all critical-to-customer steps inhouse, including:

  • design and R&D
  • prototyping
  • fiber drawing
  • precision mechanics
  • assembling and mass production

Need some help?

Our team of advisors can help you in figuring out which components would be the most effective for your project and application needs.

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